Get yourself a Honeycomb-filled Flyer this Christmas

What will you be opening on Christmas morning ? If it’s another pair of socks and a random DVD then it might be worth buying yourself a gift. The HTC Flyer seems to be getting a swift kick in the price department, with some outlets (which we can’t vouch for) selling it for £262 and even some eBay auctions hovering around the £200 mark.

Add these cheaper prices to the recent HTC announcement and arrival of Android 3.2 (Honeycomb) and you’ll be getting yourself quite a nice present indeed. The recent HTC statement reads..

Ready for some ‘sweet’ news? The GSM version of the HTC Flyer tablet, available in Europe, is beginning to receive updates to Honeycomb beginning today!

Honeycomb brings a ton of improvements to Android on tablets, including the latest version of HTC Sense for Tablet with enhanced Internet browsing, Mail, Calendar and more all optimized for the 7-inch screen.

Not to be outdone, the Wi-Fi version of the HTC Flyer will receive its Honeycomb update soon, too! Stay tuned for more details

Link – Facebook
Credit – GPollara (Twitter)