Amazon Fire to hit UK in January?

Amazon’s Fire Android tablet has been a hit in the US, but we are still waiting for it to hit the UK.

According to the Gadget Show website though, we might not have long to wait. A “source inside Amazon” has said the tablet will come to the UK in January 2012.

The dual core Android powered tablet has been re-skinned beyond recognition from standard Android and is a purpose built shop window for Amazon’s cloud services – books, video, MP3s, Apps etc. Indeed the incomplete set of cloud services in the UK has been quoted as the reason for a delayed UK launch, so January could be a busy month for Amazon.

Priced at a loss by Amazon, who intend to make their money through all the cloud services, Amazon are probably the only company out there with the range of services to challenge Apple. Indeed their Kindle book store has a head start on Apple, and coupled with their recent purchase of LoveFilm, they really could make inroads into the consumer market.


So how many of you would want a Fire when it comes out?

Lots of people’s issue with Android tablets has been the lack of content, which Apple have the lead on. So could a completely content focused, cut price tablet tempt you? Or will we see a split in the tablet market – techies & consumers?


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