Samsung Galaxy ranges still on sale in the US

It looks like we could be one step nearer to the whole Apple vs Samsung debacle moving to a close – though not in the foreseeable future…

Reuters are reporting that “Apple failed to convince a U.S. judge to block Samsung Electronics from selling Galaxy smartphones and tablets in the U.S. market, depriving the iPhone and iPad maker of crucial leverage in a global patent battle between the two companies.”


This is quite a big (though mildly hollow) victory for Samsung. Apples inability to demonstrate any infringement at this point shows this is NOT going to be a quick win for Apple, and will take months to resolve. Particularly as there is so much at stake within this boom market at present.

Similar moves in Germany, Holland, Australia and other places show varying levels of Apples ability to quash Samsung’s sweeping device sales, in such an accelerated market place worth Billions.

Source ‘Reuters