Win by getting “Into” Windows Phone

Microsoft are still splashing out the marketing cash on the Windows Phone handsets. This time it’s not just the Nokia Lumia, although that is featured pretty heavily in the advert below. Microsoft want new and existing Windows Phone owners to try out their new rewards programme, which you can do by browsing to or by downloading the app in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

You can win tickets to their “Into Insider Social” event, a trip to Iceland, Nokia phones and loads more. It looks like it’s UK-only though.

Oh, and yes – that is Alex James from Blur. He lives in a house, a very big house, in the country..

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  • This forwards to a UK Facebook page, and the main windows app won’t load right now, so I don’t know if it is worldwide eligible or just UK, or???

  • Highsec

    MWC will probably bring along better WP7’s, not to mention the better androids like the galaxy s3,maybe the se nozomi

  • Since the article doesn’t mention it, this is for UK residents only.