Galaxy Nexus OTA Patch

Ok, so there’s a lot of people that can’t wait for the Galaxy Nexus bug to be fixed so here’s a guide on how to flash the update manually…

You will need:

– A Samsung Galaxy Nexus
– An Unlocked bootloader
– A Rooted device

To root follow this method from XDA, it’s very straight forward and easy to follow.

Here’s the link to the patch.

To flash it you will need a custom recovery, download ROM Manager from the android market and select ‘Flash ClockworkMod Recovery’ then you will be able to flash the update, select install ROM from SD Card in ROM Manager navigate to the update patch and the custom recovery will do the rest

Now if you want to keep everything stock i.e. keep original recovery and lose root you do not need to go any further. If like me however you want to be able to use your root apps again you will need to re-root by following the XDA guide again.

Once you have root back you will need to remove “recovery-from-boot.p” from /system to stop your custom recovery being over written on each boot so if you have Root Explorer just navigate to the system folder, mount it and delete “recovery-from-boot.p” or if you don’t have the app [which you should!] then you can go into terminal on your handset or via adb shell and type:

mount -o remount,rw /dev/block/mmcblk0p25 /system
cd system
rm recovery-from-boot.p

Thanks to PlanetRaptoR on XDA for providing the patch link 😀 Thanks to davioxx for the rooting guide and peteralfonso for the insecure boot.img


NOTE: I am not responsible if you break your phone! 🙂