Asus Transformer Prime gets another new promo video.

The upcoming and slightly over hyped Asus Transformer Prime tablet netbook hybrid thingy, has had another release date mentioned. It’s apparently the 19th of December for the US not the 9th as previously mentioned.

Still nothing official for the UK though, the last I heard was from Asus on Twitter and they said early January.

Well anyway here is a nice new video of it, showing off various features that we have already seen before but from a slightly different angle. Don’t get me wrong here, I still want one, it is just getting a little boring watching all of this American promotional stuff knowing it will be weeks and weeks and weeks before I get my hands on one.

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  • Martin

    There is a review of the transformer up at Anandtech. I am reading it now, not sure what the conclusion is yet.
    They are Apple fans over there though!

    • Martin

      So, conclusion (from Anandtech) is……. good, not great, but, getting there.
      Best Android tablet out, hardly surprising as it is the first of the second generation tablets.
      Screen is the best in a tablet.
      Plays full HD (1080p24) smooooooothly ( with the right player).
      Camera is good.
      Battery life, average for an android tab. still behind the iPad2.
      Surprisingly, the Tegra 3 still lags behind the iPad2 in GPU benchmarks, CPU wise it is slightly ahead.
      I was really wanting to get one of these puppies, I am still in 2 minds.
      In my opinion the tablet market is still quite immature.
      I think it’ll take another 2 hardware rounds before tablets (Android and iOS) get to the stage where they provide something that will actually be worth the money.
      Currently they are a high price occasional toy.