Apple Release iOS5.1 beta

Apple has released iOS5.1 beta to its developers.

Apple Release iOS5.1 beta

This is the first main update to iOS5 since it was released in Oct. Apple released a minor update iOS 5.0.1 earlier this month to address the battery issues that many iPhone users had to deal with. This update for iOS has generated some speculation as to what it may include, updates for Siri is one and even better battery performance is another. There is no changelog as yet but one thing that has been noticed in the code is iPad 2,4, could this be an iPad long awaited by our Sprint using friends across the pond?

What do you think Apple have included in this update? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Updated, but no obvious changes.

    on iPhone 4 so unknown if Siri changes are evident.

  • floriank

    An iPhone ‘in custody’ after spontaneous self-ignition

    Wonder if THAT bug has been fixed in 5.1?

  • John

    Wow check it out android fan boys.. a beta update that will go across the range not just the lastest phone……. !!!!

  • Theidiot

    I work for apple

    This is supposed to fix siri issue, spotlight issues and battery life issues

    Yet, they still minimise apps instead of shutting them down which causes crashes, still can’t bluetooth to other devices (apparently to stop piracy of music) and still don’t have as many features as a £200 cheaper android