Orange Increase Contract Charges By 4.3%

In a move which will annoy a lot of people, especially those who this is relevant too, Orange have announced they are to increase monthly prices by 4.3% starting in January 2012 it has been said over at Mobile Today.

Orange Increase Contract Charges By 4.3%

‘Unfortunately, we’ve had to re-evaluate our prices for the first time and are sorry to say that there will be a 4.34% increase in our monthly plan prices from 8 January 2012. This is lower than the Retail Price Index measure of inflation, which currently stands at 5.4%. Out of plan charges, such as calls, texts and data will not be changing.’

‘Our Pay Monthly terms and conditions allow us to increase charges by up to the RPI figure in any 12 month period. The increase in the price plan charges is less than the 5.4% rate of inflation as measured by the Retail Price Index (RPI) in October 2011.

‘We can increase prices at any time on giving proper notice. In this case, the increase is less than the current rate of inflation and our terms and conditions state that we can do this without giving you the right to cancel your contract without paying the disconnection fee.’


What will really annoy people is the fact the charges are going up but there is no way to get out of your contract because the increase is under the rate of inflation.

Link: Mobile Today



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  • This isn’t going to go down well! I can’t help but think they should have just left current contracts alone and only applied the hikes to new customers / upgrades.

  • StuRami

    This is going to led to every customer in contract beyond 6months downgrading their monthly plans – it is a disgrace given the fact that they’ve locked most customers into 24mth contracts.
    Poor poor show despite the fact that I have never had any real reason to gripe about the operator 

  • gutted – just started a new contract with them. Thankfully it was 12 month SIM only. Then time to move on probably…

  • Anonymous

    How long before T-mobile follow suit? Reducing the number of major networks from 4 down to 3 was a massive mistake.

  • The_Prof

    Whatever their reasons for doing this, this is bad – especially the bit about not allowing people to get out of the contracts.  Hope people vote with their feet as soon as their contracts are finished, as it’s a pretty poor way to treat people trapped in long contracts. 

  • Nireland30

    My wage has not gone up by 4.3%, in fact i think the last pay rise i got was something like 0%

  • ItemSize

    How can they put a clause in the contract that says “We can do stuff and you can’t cancel this contract.”  Has anyone checked how legally binding that actually is?

    Last time Orange upped their prices I got a 2 month old HTC Touch HD for free, after cancelling my new contract with them.  I don’t see what’s different this time, except some stupid clause.

    What’s to stop them upping the price again next month, and then again the month after.  As long as it’s under the rate of inflation then it’s all okay isn’t it!

    Orange don’t care about their customers and they have the worst coverage of any supplier I’ve ever been with.  As soon as I can, I’m leaving and not going back this time.

  • Lewis_busby

    I spoke to Orange today and was told that it was not just them that all opperators ie t-mobile, 3, vodaphone would be doing the same, but have since found out this is not the case and it is only Orange, They are purely profiteering and taking advantage of a clause in their terms that is scetchy at best and bordering on whether they can legally refuse to allow contract cancellations without penalty!

  • Andyduggan

    I just spoke to Orange, used the whole “mis sold my contract” argument etc and got a 10% discount on my bill from the date of the increase…I suggest that every one give this ago, stick to your guns and don’t let them bully you. Just make sure you threaten to void the contract due to it being mis-sold and claim back every penny you have paid to them.

  • doogle

    orange own T-mobile , same company. orange terms of contract article 15.1a terms and conditions allows them to do this, so they have just told me. I have 5 contracts with them all on long term ‘fixed rate’ and am snookered now. i asked them what are they going to do for a job next year when all customers leave due to this behaviour. They said we can do this and have been good to our customers by only increasing 4.34% instead of 5%???? they offered me nothing and told me if i wanted to end contracts then ok BUT i had to pay the remaining months off. so i loose both ways. Orange the company that DOESN’T LOOK AFTER ITS CUSTOMERS. hello Vodaphone goodbye Orange

  • angryorangecustomer

    Angry much, i have just got off the phone to a very rude women from orange, to simply be told that orange hve been looking after me the past few years by taking the hit of inflation, but now they have got too big with 17million customers socant afford topay…therefore we have to pay…i think after this there will be far less customers so they wont have to worry…i certainly will be ending my contract asap and getting out

  • Alan

    Like everyone else, i’m pretty pi55ed off at the arrogance of Orange.
    I suggest that a bombardment of emails to could have some effect. I acquired the address off another forum, with very much the same views.
    Watchdog may also be interested. Try them.

  • Kiss my arse!

    you can fuck right off!!!!