Nokia N900 shown running ICS

Well, there’s not a great deal I can say about this is there? Here’s the Nokia N900 running Ice Cream Sandwich, aka Android 4.0. It’s a quick little video and things are very much in the early stages, but it does show what’s possible :)

It shows what might have been if Nokia hadn’t jumped into bed with Microsoft. :)

Link –

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  • Craig

    The problem with all these ports is going to be one thing – optimised drivers.  I do think that it shows what could be done with some of the other devices out there.

  • It doesn’t show what might have been. The Nokia N900 has always been it’s own device capable of running anything and this OS is no exception.

  • JP

    But how do I get it on my 900? I’m worse than a newby, using my E90 again although I know there is software out there that would enable me to use and enjoy the 900!

  • ah..the venerable Nokia N900. proudly own a few of these. :D