HTC may drop S3 acquisition

HTC may drop S3 acquisition

After HTC lost its latest court battle with Apple regarding the graphics company S3 that it planned to buy, the deal now looks in jeopardy.

Like a lot of Android companies, HTC were looking to bolster their patent portfolio, but the ITC ruled that Apple had not infringed S3’s patents.

That does make the $300 million deal to buy S3 considerably less attractive, if not dead in the water.



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  • Johngreen

    so are you saying HTC only wanted the company if Apple infringed S3′s patents so HTC could sue them or get money from Apple ????

    HTC or any other Android company wanted S3 for its tech not its patents… or are we playing a differnet game here….

    very strange…

    • as proven by court, S3 doesn’t have any proprietary tech and HTC isn’t in business of designing GPUs! But once they’ve payed $300 Mill to VIA, there’s no reimbursement just because they ridiculous attempt to attack apple have failed! It only shows that HTC and their lawyers don’t have clue about GPU market and how it works! Naturally VIA didn’t bother to tell them! They just wanted to get rid of the S3 burden :-D