Asus Transformer Prime spotted running ICS

Asus Transformer Prime spotted running ICS

NVIDIA have added a YouTube video showing Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS / Android 4.0) running on the Transformer Prime.

Everything looks to be running very smoothly indeed, although that’s perhaps unsurprising with the Tegra 3 quad-core CPU. :)

There’s a quick look at ICS running below…

Link – Droid Life

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  • Craig

    The only think I don’t understand when they display these videos is why would they let it be shown if there are degraded quality points.

    For instance, skipping on the video when it’s running and slight blurring and jerking when scrolling.  I know I’m nit picking but my Android 3.2 Xoom does that now…why would I part with it to get this when it’s the same?

    It’s that sort of lack of attention to detail that bugs me….and probably why so many people love Apple products as they have these areas polished.

    • James Pearce

      The Droid Life article does say this rom was after three days of work on an ICS build. Guess things can only get better.

    • Anonymous

      The reviewer says it’s smooth video. Remember the camera will be creating an element of lag, not seen first hand.

  • I_Want_This

    This looks like a really good device. It is a lot of money and if I were to invest in something like this, I would be buying it for the family, not just for me. Is there any way to implement different user profiles on Android? TBH, it is not anything that I have ever seen discussed, but with multiple users, we’d all want to see our own social networks, emails, etc, without having to log in and out of individual applications.

  • I found this to be more teasing than the ASUS official trailer! Man! nVidia had it hand, they should have showed us more! :p