Samsung Galaxy S gets Android 2.3.5

Samsung Galaxy S gets Android 2.3.5So it’s now official, Samsung have announced that there will be an update for the Galaxy S to Android 2.3.5 via Kies, so if you live in the UK you’re lucky. It’s apparently rolling out right now, so if you’ve got the original Galaxy S, give it a spin.

The update will bring a full host of new features to Samsung’s former flagship device, to update you need your micro USB lead and Kies on your PC or Mac. Improvements include battery life, faster messaging, camera enhancements and much more.

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  • Josh Fullalove

    Its time they brought 2.3.5 out for our unbranded Galaxy S2’s, getting a little left behind now!

  • Jim Aston

    23/11/11 gingerbread update turned of my 3G internet access. Orange say it will not work due to processor size (requires 2 core). Was advised to reset to factory settings

  • he he…nice nice nice! want want want it!)))

  • J_h_thompson

    @bf0eb4f0707cbb244173730c4529f5a0:disqus – I had the same problem, I’m pretty sure it’s got something to do with the whole T-Mobile/Orange sharey the network thing, If you set the network to Orange exclusively it works and then if it crashes (i.e. it says 3g upto but does nothing) then simply changing the phone to airplane mode and back fixes it 99% of the time. It’s not the fact that the phone needs a dual-core at all, thats just Orange being their usual idiots, hope this helps :)

  • Jim Aston

    thanks j_h will try

  • florez

    what about the netherlands?…. :S