The return of the Motorola Razr

So Motorola are making their comeback and they are using the Razr name to do it. This phone is coming to multiple networks and brings a smorgasbord of figures to the table including the slimmest frame and also being made out of bulletproof material (Disclaimer Coolsmartphone do not endorse using the Motorola Razr as a method of sheilding your body from impact during a firefight).

This should be a stunning device and I look forward to getting my hands on one to play with, how about you?

Feel free to sound off below in the comments. 😉


Motorola Mobility announces the availability of the new iconic Motorola RAZR™ in the UK on contract from £31 per month at Phones4U, in selected Carphone Warehouse stores and at, and Amazon (SIM-free) amongst others. The impossibly thin and lightweight smartphone is loaded with sexy curves and is the most captivating Android™-powered smartphone on the scene – get the perfect Christmas gift now!

Motorola RAZR highlights include:

Jaw-dropping design:

Ultra thin: 7.1 mm thin, with a design that encompasses sculpted glass and diamond spun cut aluminum accents
Sports KEVLAR® fiber and Corning® Gorilla® Glass to help the screen stand up to scratches and scrapes
Splash-guard coating nano-coating: every part of the Motorola RAZR is protected which protects the smartphone against spills

Close to home, wherever you go:

Rock your playlists while you check your email, breeze through photos—all at the same time, without delay. Comes preloaded with the Motorola MotoCast™ app which provides the power to stream or download content from a home or work computer straight to the device

Life has never looked better:

A hyper-vibrant 4.3-inch Super AMOLED advanced display for incredibly vivid images multi-tasking providing instant visual access to a larger number of apps
Cinematic-quality front-facing 720p HD video camera and 8-megapixel rear-facing camera with even sharper 1080p HD video capture all with image-stabilization technology

Work Smart, Not Hard:

· 1GB of RAM which hooks up with a dual-core 1.2GHz processor and Android 2.3.5

· Government-grade encryption which protects email, contacts and calendar in order to business ready

· Features Smart Actions, a preloaded app that that lets you automate everyday tasks and enable better battery life. Smart Actions can turn down the ringer when you step into work, change the Bluetooth and GPS settings when you get home to save battery, or send a text to someone if you miss their call – letting you focus more on what’s actually important

· The Motorola RAZR Work and Play kit: plug the device into the HD Multimedia Station to connect to HDTV, speakers and other peripherals for large-screen entertainment and to make the most of Motorola’s revolutionary webtop app, giving you the power to edit documents and browse the Web with a full Firefox browser – all while the phone charges[1]