Lumia 800 first impressions

Lumia 800 with included case

Like Leigh I have also been a smartphone user since the SPV and still have that first phone and despite its failings been loyal to Windows phones ever since. My head got turned by Apple last August and rather than waiting, jumped ship to the iPhone 4.  I enjoyed my short stay with it but my heart always longed to go back to Windows. So with 9 months left on my 2 year contract I payed £175 to buy out my contract, sold my iPhone back to Orange for £249 and this morning I took ownership of my Lumia 800.

My first impression is wow, how quick it is, how slick it is, the screens glide so effortlessly, the colours are so bright they jump of the phone, the black screen reminds me of the blackness of my Plasma TV. As I am totally hooked into the Microsoft ethos, everything was so easy to set up, Windows Live ID, Xbox Live ID and a recent convert to Office 365 done in an instant.

In the box Nokia give you a nice rubberised cover to protect the phone, the customary headphones and USB cable.

Anyway as they say first impressions count and I am loving it, will post a more indepth review later with pictures.

Goodbye Apple………… hello Mango