Google Music Steps Out Of Beta

Google Music Steps Out Of Beta

Tonight at Google’s These Go To 11 event they announced their cloud based music service ‘Google Music’ was stepping out of beta and has a new store in tow!

A new tab in the Android Market will allow you to shop for music from a whole host of artists from labels including Universal, EMI, Sony Music and a huge raft of smaller labels to boot. The portfolio amounts to over 1000 labels, totalling 13 million tracks (only 8 million available off the bat). The pricing is pretty standard for what you would expect with all purchases coming as a 320kbps MP3, you will even be treated to free ‘Songs of the Day’. You can access all this through a free app for Android and a web interface when a phone just isn’t enough, all with deep sharing integration through Google+.

To go along with this MASSIVE library you can also store up to 20,000 of your own tracks in the ‘cloud’ for free. So out and about with your Android device you will always have access (data connection permitting) to up to 13 million tracks from the big record labels and 20,000 of your own songs. What’s not to like?

However (and there always seems to be one with these fancy new services) the store is US only. This means that over here, in the land of castles and dragons, we are once again left out in the cold. I’d quite like to see companies straighten out the paperwork on a more global scale before they start harping on about how great they are…


Download the APK for Google Music here.