Cocktail Flow – Review

Cocktail Flow released for Android Phones and Tablets

“Thanks to computer savvy alcoholics, there’s an app for that” – Big Bang Theory

Cocktail Flow, the 2nd highest rated application on the Windows Phone Marketplace has
been released for Android in both a phone and a tablet version.

Mobile version is free, but also contains premium packages for free and paid ones for only
$0.99 (79p)

The home screen of this app gives an overview of all the views that you can enter plus help, settings and about. There are not many settings, but a nice touch is the ability to change the currency to one of a reasonable number. This not only changes the currency in the shopping lists but also in the “in app” purchases. Language can be English or German and the app can push notifications of new packages.

The first item on the start screen is “surprise me” as it says; gives a random selection from the database. I like the fact that all the way through the app divides the cocktails into 3 parts, first the ingredients, then the preparation and finally, ones that are similar.

Next is categories, another nice touch as you can look up cocktails by base drink, colour and type. I particularly love the idea of picking a colour for that days drinks!

To add new cocktails you download packages, some of these are free, but some have to be purchased. This could annoy some people, as there may be one particular drink you want but it’s in a package but to be fair they are not too expensive. Packages for an event, e.g. Christmas, show up in categories under that event.

Shopping takes some general ingredients, gives a general price and then recommends the type of cocktails. These recommendations change every time. It would be nice if you could send this to a shopping app, maybe it will come in a future release.

In barstock you can show the items you have available (spirits, liqueurs and mixers) and the app will tell you which of the cocktails. I’m afraid I can’t review this properly as it stopped working for me.

As with a number of similar apps, you can add your favourites to bring up the ones you wish to remember.

This is a good app, it works simply but looks very good, for instance it gives a picture of how the finished drink should look.

Link – Android Market