TOKEN2SHELL Remote Shell for Windows Phone

I’m not a heavy shell user but I’ve just loaded up the 24 hour trial of
Token2Shell on my HD7 and connected it via SSH to a mac and TELNET to my Windows
7 PC with no problems. It has some nice features such as the semi-transparent
on-screen buttons with directional gestures and the line send mode with history
is useful. It also holds the connection open under the lock screen and has a
pinch to zoom on the console display. One minor niggle was that a few times I
needed to adjust the display so I could see what I was typing due to the
positioning whilst using the on-screen keyboard.

You can try it for yourself here Token2Shell Marketplace Link



Feature Highlights

– Supports SSH2 and TELNET protocols.
– Supports XTerm/ANSI/VT100/VT102/VT52 terminal emulations.
– Includes a translucent virtual keyboard for entering special keys such as ESC, TAB and function keys.

– ENTER and TAB buttons on Token2Shell/WP virtual keyboard support 4-way press-and-move gestures for entering arrow keys and HOME/END/PAGE-UP/PAGE-DOWN keys.
– Tapping gesture is translated to single/double left mouse clicking in XTerm emulation mode.
– Supports single character input mode for entering individual characters and control key combinations.
– Includes “Line Sender” for composing text before sending it to server.
– Supports pinch-to-zoom and panning for terminal screen.
– Supports both portrait and landscape orientations.
– Supports viewing buffered previous text.
– Supports Western/Central European (Windows-1252/1250), US/Extended ASCII (DOS/CP437), and UTF-8 character code pages.