Samsung Nexus S gets a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich


After the announcement of Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update and the release of the SDK, a couple people have been hard at to work getting it ported to several devices.

Thanks to @drewgaren for his hard work we are now up to Beta 10, with many fixes. But being a Beta ported from the SDK there is no hardware acceleration so things can get slow.

There are a few bugs in the ROM. For instance GPS doesn’t seem to get a lock, face lock currently isn’t working so your left with the stock ICS lock screen which is no bad thing.

3G signal does drop even though it says its OK, but it does come back.

On the plus side, you get the Ics launcher in full screen and with all four capactive buttons working, also the Widgets for google + and YouTube have been upgraded looking very smart.

Killing running apps is also easy, a long press on the home screen beings up a list of apps running in the background, just swipe to the left and its gone.

Adding Widgets is also different, while in your app draw press the Widgets tab then drag and drop to your home screen.

Overall its very impressive and gives a great indication of things to come, and hopefully the full potential of the Nexus S, fingers crossed NFC won’t be limited to just tags, but be utilized for payments to.

For day to day use this rom is fine, battery life is on par with stock 2.3.6 and the bugs you learn to live with.

Link to the ROM   :