Mobile flash is dead..well dying.

Mobile flash is dead..well dying.Adobe appears to have thrown in the towel regarding the mobile version of Adobe Flash. It now looks like HTML5 will become the defacto standard for websites going forward.

This is good news for everyone really. Standards are a good thing, although it does mean more adverts on your iPad/iPhone/iPod touch!

Source –  Cnet

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  • John

    Mark is your dig at apple at the end because your android views were in the end proved wrong !!!

    I thought having flash was the only thing you android users were living on against apple…

    Utter rubbish article not showing the true reason why flash are dropping it.

  • This can only be a good thing! Hopefully this means websites over the next 6 months to a year will finally display properly on all devices.

    Its not just apple tho, I thought that Windows Phone didnt support flash out of the box either?

    • Mark Peters

      Tom – indeed.
      John – The company you’re referring to is called ‘Adobe’. ‘Flash’ is the software product. It wasn’t a dig at Apple at all, and I’m not an Android user.. apart from that, good comment!