Spotify comes to Windows Phone

Spotify comes to Windows Phone


Windows Phone users now have the option of another subscription service in addition to Microsoft’s own Zune Pass.

Having recently launched in the US, Spotify have now also released an official app for Windows Phone. As expected, it makes full use of the Metro UI and let’s you stream music and download tracks for later offline listening.

You can grab it now from the Windows Phone Marketplace.


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  • Rooster

    Great news post Ravi. It is quite amusing however – I emailed spotify as a premium user just last week, advising them that I would end my premium subscription if they didn’t release a WP7 version soon. The reply I got said to the effect that they try to support as many mobile platforms as possible, but that they wouldn’t be releasing a WP7 version anytime soon! Arse from elbow springs to mind. I have only have a few minutes on the WP7 version, but I have to say its looking might fine on WP7! More essential like this please Microsoft, never mind building massive WP7 handsets in the US, and you will have a winning platform :)