Win a FurCode tag!

Right, bear with me on this, but when we get offered stuff to give away to you guys, we rarely say no.

FurCodes are high-tech ID tags that will connect your pet to the web. On one side you’ll find a QR code with your pets’ information on and, on the other, a unique web address. This web address and the QR code will send people to the full information page (which is free) for your cat, dog or other pet. There’s an example page here and you can find medical information, owner information and other important stuff that could help someone reunite a pet with its’ owner.

Here in the UK it’s almost Bonfire Night and many pets can get pretty scare, so if your pet is lost, a vet or someone finding your pet only needs to scan the QR code with their smartphone. If they don’t have one, they can just type in the URL for instant access to the full medical and contact information.

We’re giving five of these away, and all you need to do is send us a message on Twitter. We will pick five out at random and the competition will close tomorrow night (Friday 4th November).

Link – FurCode