360 Degree video recorded on (many) Sony Ericsson Xperia neo handsets

So, Sony Ericsson sent us a load of videos about their rather strange 360 degree bike experiment. It involves six Xperia neo handsets strapped to a special mount on a bike, all recording video at the same time through fish-eye lenses. The whole thing has been pieced together and you will be able to watch it on www.xperiastudio.com/360-video shortly, but we’ve been lucky enough to get a special early look at the results..

There’s a fair amount of tech behind the whole operation, including how all the handsets were linked together. A special “master phone” was set to control all the other handsets..

Now, unless you’ve got several Android phones knocking around this is going to be pretty difficult to replicate, but it certainly is interesting to watch. With 3D camera-phones already common-place, just how long before 360 degree handsets arrive eh ? 🙂

Update – The video is now live. Give it a bash – you can look around with your keyboard and zoom in. Pretty amazing results. 🙂

Link – www.xperiastudio.com