iPad / iPhone App – The Weather Channel

One thing the App Store on iOS is not short of, is weather apps.

As no doubt you’re aware, us brits are obsessed with the weather, so I’m certain at least some of you will find this app review useful.

I say review, but it’s pretty hard to review a weather app. Does it tell you the weather? Yes. Is it reasonably accurate? Yes. Does it look pretty? Reasonably. That’s about it then.

My only gripe is that the app has obviously been written for the American market, and as such, some features don’t appear to work, and some content is just not available or not suitable.

For example, in map mode, you are able to watch weather movements by pressing the ‘play’ button in the top left corner. At the time of writing, I could only get this to work when viewing somewhere in the US.


The video and news content is all based on the US, and the adverts on the free version are plentiful (the only option if you want it on your iPad).

As I said, there are plenty of weather apps, and quite a few free ones. Some I think may suit the UK market better, but as the app itself is free – give it a whirl yourself…