Samsung Galaxy Note coming this week!

I have a dilema at the moment where my contract has run out and I’m itching to buy a new phone. I was holding on for the iPhone 5 and was a little miffed at the 4S. For me I use my smartphone as a portable information, resource and entertainment centre: always with me keeping me connected and amused whatever the situation.

The Samsung Galaxy Note has been on my radar since rumour control and I’ve just learned that it will be launched in the UK this Wednesday (source). I am still concerned that it may be too large although a larger screen is on my ‘must have’ list. I’ve also been looking with great interest at the Galaxy Nexus, due out later in November. Will my impatience lead to grabbing the Note next week or will I stick with my iPhone 4, fearful of a complete leap to a new OS? Or will I be persuaded to wait and see what the Nexus is like and make my mind up in a few weeks…? Let me know what you think!