One night, in a hotel, we decided to Rhyme

I’m in Belfast, stuck in a hotel room with only a busted TV and an air-conditioning unit for company. Luckily I’ve brought with me the all-new HTC Rhyme with it’s strong unibody design. It comes with a docking station, some rather goodd headphones and a charm. The charm plugs into the 3.5mm audio port and pulses when a call comes in or a text arrives. Clip it to your clothes of handbag and, in theory, you don’t need to keep sliding your phone out of your pocket to check for updates.

We’ve only got the Rhyme over the weekend, so it’s a little too brief for a full review but, from what we’ve seen so far, it’s really rather smooth and nippy. Oh and that cradle, I’m loving that – I want one for my existing handset.

Below you’ll find some hands-on photos but first, our video overview…