iPhone 4S battery problems reported

iPhone 4S battery problems reportedAccording to the Guardian there have been cases of Apple contacting iPhone 4S owners to try and ascertain the problem amidst reports of poor battery life being reported. Have you been affected by this? Let us know!

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  • Nope mine is alot better then my old iphone4

  • John

    Mines a lot better than my iPhone 4  …

    Good customer services to ring the person up and install a app to see whats going on mind… very impressive.

  • Younggrant3

    can you ask siri how much battery is left shame

  • My wife’s iPhone 4S battery only lasts a day… RUBBISH!!! 

    • Patch

       i use my 4s alot and last easily more than a day….

      guess you use an android device and it last for a week.!!!!!

  • Raygun


  • iPhone Fan

    I haven’t had any trouble with mine. If you are having trouble then apparently this will fix it http://www.macrumors.com/2011/10/31/turn-off-time-zone-sensing-to-improve-iphone-battery-life/

  • David-119

    My iphone 4s lasts about 1 day and sometimes i need to charge it about 5-6pm when i get home