Archos Arnova 7″ G2 now down to £119.99

Archos Arnova 7 G2 now down to £119.99If you’re in the market for a pretty decent 7″ tablet then the Archos Arnova 7″ G2 could be just your thing. Now reduced to just £119.99 at HMV. The specs aren’t too bad either. Powered by an ARM Cortex A8 1GHz CPU it has a 7″ capacitive multi-touch screen at 800×480 and this 8GB version can be expanded using the microSD card.

Other specs include WiFi, G-Sensor, HD video playback but it looks like apps are delivered through appslib and not Android Market. Alas there’s no GPS but, For a little over £100, this Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) device is well worth a gamble. Let us know if you’ve got one or tried one out in the past. Apparently you can get it down to £113.99 after using a “5% off” voucher which is available in-store.

Link – HMV
Credit – Mark Aitken

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  • Wotafarce

    going by the specifications this is the same tablet as the archos 70 internet tablet G8 that has just been superceded by the new 8″ G9. looks like they have just re-badged the older model. Its actually a good tablet for that money have used the 70 for several months and cannot recommend it enough if you do not need a 10″ screen. Movie playback is good, browsing is OK, and its very easy to get full market access and it supports flash no bother. I use mine for comics and ebooks also. 

  • Mrpositiveuk

    I purchased one today at Carphone Warehouse for £99. I already have 2 Android tablets, the amazing Asus Transformer & an HP Touchpad 32 (Didn’t need it, but it was such a Bargain).

    I needed a tablet that would fit into my pocket as most 7 inch tablets are too large. This is the perfect size to sit in my inside jacket pocket at work. I wasn’t expecting much of it, thought it would just about function for that kind of money. The ones on display had not been set up well and looked basic.

    I cannot tell you how delighted & impressed I was when I booted up this cheap little unit, great colours, fast performance & reasonable touch screen plus Flash &  Micro SD expansion (both unavailable on the iFad). 

    It doesn’t have Android Market, so what? It has a pretty good market of it’s own, it’s limited but I installed Getjar & downloaded some APK files from the web & it now runs all I want & need.

    For £99 go & nab yourself a Bargain..

    • M Clarke

      is yours 8gb i bought one also but mines only 4gb

  • Mrpositiveuk

    My Arnova is 4gb. As long as as a tablet has an SD slot it doesn’t really matter that much how much internal storage it has. It is far cheaper buying memory on a card that readily installed in the unit. Look at the costs of the iFad to see how much people are being stung. In their case they have no way of adding memory.

    My daughter paid £700 for her iPad 64. She can’t put music on it unless she uses iTunes (the worst piece of software ever invented), can’t watch videos unless she converts them to a special format, can’t see pages with Flash, can’t change her keyboard, can’t use widgets, can’t use active wallpaper & has to pay for far more apps than on Android. 
    Why do people buy those things?

  • Nikolay Ulyanitsky

    I bought a tablet “Arnova 7 G2” and found the critical bug on the firmware.
    Arnova 7 G2 damages SD Cards filesystem!
    I sent a bugreport to Arnova 25.01.2012 but Arnova doesn’t fix the problem and doesn’t even reply to the message.

    Other disadvantages of Arnova 7 G2:
    1. The minimum brightness level of the screen is very high. Read the book in a dark room is impossible due to pain on eyes.
    2. Menu buttons in the top of the screen are white, and they can not hide. Because of this, using the tablet in the dark is impossible.
    3. After some period ot time a pause/play stops working correctly on all third-party video players (MX Video Player, mVideolayer, QQlayer, Rocklayer, MoboPlayer, VitalPlayer)
    and they do not save the position of the playback.
    4. Version of the built-in browser is outdated and it displays websites incorrectly.
    5. Version of Android with latest firmware is outdated (2.3.1) and can’t be updated.
    6. Many games developed for Android 2 doesn’t work correctly on this tablet, but perfectly work on my HTC Desire.


    Copy of bugreport:

    With best regards,

  • Just to note it’s now down to £99 at HMV.  Seems quite nice & well finished.  Staff were running it down, saying it had a resistive screen!