Fancy a cheap Android tablet?

Fancy a cheap Android tablet?If you fancy a tablet for the kids (and by that, we of course mean an Android Tablet), then this Disgo 6000 unit might be worth a punt. It’s dropped to just £49.97 and, although it’s got a resistive screen, it’ll keep the kids happy after Angry Birds and Cut The Rope has been installed. :)

It’s got a 7″ screen, 4GB on-board storage, 1GHz CPU, HDMI connectivity and WiFi. It apparently runs Android 2.2 and “a market” (we’re guessing Android Getjar).

Link – Disgo 6000 (Best Buy)
Credit – Ant

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  • Anonymous

    This thing is DIRE from what I’ve heard.

    EDIT: Having said that, this is a review when it was priced at £180:

    • sputnick

      good tablet for the kis they will love it.only downside it cant play iplayer but who cares i have cable for that

  • Jonnyp007work

    The main drawback is the 2 hour battery life in normal usage. but for £50 who can complain. Im gettin 2 x for the kids xmas prezzies

  • Zulqar Cheema

    the three warranty is £120