NuGuard Silicon Case for iPhone 4/4S


I don’t know anyone who uses a smartphone without a case; a phone is (usually) something of an investment, and so in order to protect said investment, a case is needed to keep away any bumps, knocks and scratches.  For years I’ve preferred the ‘wallet’ style case – the only problem with these is that using the phone’s camera whilst in the case, is that the camera’s lends gets covered by the case – using the camera whilst simultaneously viewing the screen is a two-handed job!

Newer Technology Inc. produce the series of NuGuard cases for the iPhone 4 and 4s.  The NuGuard series  cone in four types of varying stiffness:

•       NuGuard Soft Silicone Protective Case (The one reviewed here)
100 percent premium non-stick soft Silicone cushions and protects the iPhone
while the ergonomically designed side grooves offer superior grip and comfort.
Available in four colors: Black, Blue, Red, and Frost.
•       NuGuard Gel Protective Case
Provides the grip, feel and flexibility of a silicone case, but with the ultimate
protection of a hard shell. Available in four colors: Black, Blue, Pink, and
•       NuGuard Carbon Fiber Style Case
Carbon fiber low-profile case offers maximum protection while showcasing the
iPhone’s design aesthetics. Available in three patterned colors: Black, Blue,
and Pink.
•       NuGuard Hard Shell Polycarbonate Case
Precision molded polycarbonate shell offers more impact resistance than acrylic
shells while showing off the iPhone’s natural beauty and style. Available in
clear or transparent black.

On removing the Silicon Case from the box and discarding the iPhone 4 cardboard cutout, the flexible case fits easily – the iPhone is snugly enveloped by case; one of the things I noticed (which I kinda like actually) is that the case totally covers the sides/corners – in fact the case raises the phone’s profile by 1 millemetre; I know, it doesn’t sound like much, but what it does mean is that your iPhone is dropped face-down, the screen gets enough protection to maybe avoid a screen crack.

See the vibrate switch? The one that doesn't line up with the caase?

On turning around the phone sees the camera lens poking through the case, which is to be expected.  In the above picture you can make out the grey ‘Newer Technology’ logo.  What you can’t feel is the case itself and how much better it is to grip than the iPhone’s shiny, glass back – which is just asking to be dropped, if you’re anything like me.  The top and bottom of the phone sees all the button, holes and ports all cut out of the case and all lining up perfectly with the case.  Turning around to the side, to the vibrate/ring switch, and…Newer Technology seems to have dropped the ball here.  Now, the top photo shows the case (with a Phone 4, I’ll bet) – the case hole lining up perfectly with the vibrate switch.  The lower photo shows the case with my 4S, and has you can see, it’s doesn’t now. (The switch is still usable in the 4S, but in the 4 you can use it without looking, on the 4S you might need to look what you’re doing because not all of the switch is available to your finger).  It seems to me that Newer Technology have just assumed that the case will work on the 4S (and it does, kinda), not realising that said switch as moved down slightly, on the 4S.  Further weight adds to this by the fact that the box it comes in mentions the iPhone 4, but not the 4S.

The fact that this case would be best suited for iPhone 4 owners, but not 4S ones, and also the fact that it’s not available to UK owners (which is where this website is based; there is one Newer Technology distributor in the UK, but they don’t stock iPhone accessories), means 4S owners in Blighty might look elsewhere.


With thanks to Other World Computing who were kind enough to sent me a review-only case.

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