Enter the v-JAYS

We’ve been in the market for a new set of earphones recently and had the opportunity to review the v-JAYS Headphones over here at CoolSmartPhone.com.

Here’s a link to a little bit of an unboxing for you …. v-JAYS unboxing (to download and view at your leisure)

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJfzNRzA51M’]

For those in the know, the v-JAYS first appeared on the scenes a few years back, and carried a price tag befitting the sound quality they produced (around £70-80).

Well, things have moved along since then, JAYS market presence and manufacturing have clearly gotten stronger and better, and today we can pick a set of these “Powerful, Dynamic and Lightweight” headphones for around £30! – Yes, that’s right, an absolute bargain!

These particular headphones have had a plethora of awards and reviews (see below), and are certainly a quiet contender for “Awesome piece of kit award” in my books.


August 2010, United Kingdom

“At just over 2oz, these are about as light as full-size headphones get. They are very flexible and the thin cable never gets in your way. The semi-open-backed design locks out the worst of the noise of the outside world, but not as effectively as the V-Modas’ closed back. Foam earpads and a slim headband make for an easy fit. The sound is superb: despite their low price, the v-Jays beat all but the Sennheisers on sound, being full of detail and emotion. Whatever music you choose, they let the recording shine through without a hint of hardness.”

Now we need to take a good hard look at them. They’re reticent of the original Walkman stereo headphones, with that hip-retro square look. And to be fair, I wasn’t taken back by their appearance. But that illusion disappears as SOON as you listen to the sound coming through the headphones – it … is … sensational!

For something that doesn’t have noise cancelling, dynamic sensing technology, etc, etc, it is brilliant!

I ran a few tests like watching a movie, playing some high quality audio, and using some dynamic surround sound test clips from the web – Wow was I impressed.

The build quality of them is very good too. They feel solid enough for you not to worry about giving them a bend, or squashing them in your jacket, but also the headband has a velvet feeling fabric under the rubber so it feels comfortable all round.

The accessories supplied include a 70cm 3.5mm extension cable (male to female) and a spare set of foam earpads. All told a great little package here!

To be clear though – I am not a music enthusiast. I am a mere mortal among us humans with very normal hearing, so I couldn’t possibly comment technically on them. But as a consumer looking to buy a set for myself and my kids, then here is money well spent!

More info @ – The JAYS Website

ps – Even Stewie Griffin is amazed with the sound!