“I’m going to destroy Android” – Steve Jobs

Im going to destroy Android   Steve JobsIt seems that Steve Jobs was more than a little unhappy about Android. A new autobiography by Walter Isaacson has already been quoted by The Huffington Post and, well, he was a little angry when he saw “how similar” Android was to the iPhone..

Our lawsuit is saying, “Google you f***ing ripped off the iPhone, wholesale ripped us off”. I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple’s $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong. I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product.

Well, that could perhaps explain why there’s so many Apple lawsuits flying around. Apple are now spending a large chunk of time suing Samsung, although other Android manufacturers are in the firing-line too.

Link – The Huffington Post
Credit – BBC News

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  • Tomas Jonas

    Jobs was a hypocrite considering that in the past he ripped off other companies ideas and made it his own.

    • Steve

      Hear hear!

  • Edd

    Right… so where exactly did he get the idea for notifications from?!

  • smartphone newsblog

    Apple’s Steve Jobs had so much anger against Google. Remember that, former Apple director Eric Schmidt became Google’s chief executive in 2001 to January 2011. http://www.smartphonenewsblog.com

  • Gabrielangelfire

    “I will spend my last dying breath…”

    How ironic, well, that much he did indeed.

  • iPhone Fan

    I’m surprised you’ve only just put this on the site Leigh – it’s been reported on various sites since Thursday. I think a lot of the anger is against Eric Schmidt who was on the apple board as the iPhone was launched and later went on to help release android – a slight conflict of interests. All mobile OS’s have similarities – its difficult to avoid this due to the nature of touch screen GUI but it is all getting a bit silly. However only the courts can decide who is right – hopefully they will see sense. One site reported that a lot of the original Mac OS was copied by Microsoft with windows because the GUI wasn’t patented and apple want to prevent it happening again – I don’t know how true that is though.

  • Shed Sheddy

    How many samsung/other companies hardware goes into an iphone anyway!!!!.its just petty!!!

  • Pork Sword

    & so it goes on :)

  • Patch

    all you have to look at is the type of android phones that were out when the original iphone came and and see the change they made after the iphone ….. copy copy copy thats all android have done…


    • Leeran7742

      up to a certain point, now iOS is playing catch-up with iOS 5. iOS 5 didn’t put apple ahead, just merely brought it up to date.

  • Anonymous

    This just shows Jobs in his true light. A grade A… Competition is good, unless your name is Steve Jobs. Jobs did a lot of great things for tech but a lot of bad too.

    Both have a multi-touch touchscreen and apps, that’s about where the similarities end. If you put down your iPhone for a second, you’d know this.

    • Patch

      utter rusbish bradavon you show me someone who has brought anything to the table in the phone market from android … opps i forgot drop down notifications thats it.
      other than that why should apple let others not do anything and wait for them so they can copy .

      Nokia stood still and did nothing and look were thats got them..
      look at what Android had before iphone and look now says it all …..

  • Maxworks67

    jobs (may he rest in peace) was a man who wanted to rule the world… the reason for which he refused to license his operating system and lost out to microsoft. his desire to force people into proprietary software was technological fascism… he is (and was) all that is wrong with innovation…

  • iPhone Fan

    Fascist or Perfectionist? – I’d go with the latter. Jobs wanted to produce products that worked by controlling the whole system rather than allowing other firms to compromise the quality and user experience with their own cost cutting or poor designs.

    • Steve

      It should be up to the user what they do with the product, not up to the manufacturer. This is why I will never own an Apple product ever. Everything is forced upon you, nothing is open.

      • iPhone Fan

        That’s your view and certainly has some truth with iOS but I think if you look at Mac OS you will find that it is just as open as Windows but has the benefit of greater stability and less vulnerability. It’s a personal choice for everyone and it’s good that there’s competition. You’ll also find other popular products aren’t “open” such as Amazon Kindle – but these “closed” products are often the best in their field.

        • Leeran7742

          that’s not entirely true.  I use a mac at work (i’m a programmer, so I have to use the mac in-depth) and I also use it for my daily life because my fiancee uses my PC.  there are just as many problems on the mac as there are on the PC.  

  • ItemSize

    Seriously, anyone that actually believes any of this is a total utter noonard.  It’s BLATANTLY false, but you’re all too dumb to realise.  Maybe you want it to be true so that you can either get on your knees and praise Steve because you agree, or get angry AND TYPE IN CAPS because you disagree and use it as a way to make Apple look bad.

    You all disgust me beyond words.

  • Leeran7742

    “A stolen product” that’s taking it a little far.  first off, there are quite a few things that apple has taken from other people and claimed as their own.  the classic ipod interface was taken from another company (and apple was actually sued over this).  

  • Jobs is full of it!

    Anyone remember the I-mate Jam? I believe it was anounced in 2004. It was a phone with a large touch screen and a few hardware buttons, it had a (at the time) nice touch GUI (Windows Mobile 5)and you could even download software from Microsoft that would let you open applications, music, make phone calls etc. with your voice. You could also add new 3rd party software to it, SPB products being a particular favourite of mine.

    Then in 2007 Apple ‘changed everything again’ they released a phone that had a large touch screen and few hardware buttons, it had a touch GUI and you could add new ‘apps’ (this minor change to the name application seemingly fooling everyone that Apple invented the concept!) of course it wasn’t 3G like most phones in 2007 and the screen res was a bit shite and the camera was below par but hey that wasn’t going to stop the Apple fan boys who were more than happy to pay way over the odds for it despite there being better phones for less on the market.

    Fast forward several years to 2011, ‘Siri’ changes everything (had similar in 2004) and ‘Facetime’ what a great ‘new’ idea! Did anyone else have a mobile with video calling in 2003 when Three launched its network???

    I’d credit Apple with the idea of an App store, but that about it! (I may even be wrong about that)

    I used the Imate Jam as an example, I’m sure there were other devices prior to that I could have used to illustrate the point, and there were many many more before the relase of the first iphone.

    My question, what exactly did they invent? As far as I can see almost everything in the iphone was borrowed and tweaked from elsewhere. I imagine someone will suggest a finger friendly touch GUI, Thats not true either, I had a little phone made by a company called Neonode in 2004/2005 that was designed with a finger friendly touch GUI.

    All that said I think the latest Iphones are fairly decent gadgets, my issue is them always claiming or suggesting indirectly to have invented things which clearly they havent. They have a monster PR machine because most people seem to swallow it.

    • mufc67

      Brilliantly said Kurt and oh so true . 
        I worked for CPW at the time of the new i-phone and remember the booklets we were supposed to memorise to help us sell this new gadget with it’s amazing screen . 
        What annoyed me about the whole thing was the price for a phone so far behind the times . Yes the UI was exciting and the screen but that’s about where it stopped . It was so obvious that Apple were holding back on features for a reason . They played it brilliantly and convinced so many that what they had released was a “revolution” and was worth the 189 pounds . In came the converted most that had never owned a smartphone and handed over their money . So no surprise when the 3g version came out and so on each one catching up that little bit more but holding just enough back to get people to upgrade 12 months later , clever stuff for apple anyway . 
        If people are happy to pay over the odds just because Apple tell us “their” phone is a revolution and somehow gives you some kind of extra status over people like me with a Samsung then so be it . 
        Apple’s marketing is a revolution their phone I’m afraid is not .