Nokia 800 leaks again..

Nokia 800 leaks again..It’s now getting really close to the Nokia 800 launch and yet more “leaks” are appearing. This time there’s a super up-close render of the new Nokia Windows Phone lovechild, and Nokia badly need it to succeed based on their recent drop in operating profit.

The 800, which was previously known as Sea Ray, shows the handset in blue, although PocketNow say that there’ll be a pink and black version too.

It’s expected to be announced at Nokia World next week.

Link – PocketNow

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  • Martin

    I think that windows came too late with a decent operating system for it to help Nokia :(
    Android and Apple have too much of a foothold for Windows mobile to be nothing more that 3rd best.

    • Patch

      isn’t android a Windows phone in disguise due to the patent payments they have to pay them…?i always thought with the power windows have behind them why they don’t seem that bothered about there phones until i read a article about what they get payed from other phone companys including Apple.

      • Martin

        MS own patents which every Android phone use (infringe if they don’t pay royalties!), so they are demanding royalty payments from all handset manufacturers that make Android devices.
        I doubt if they will be too displeased if Windows Mobile stays 3rd as they are making money from Android anyways.

        Patents are good to have, that is why Apple paid bazzilions for the Nortel patents.
        The company I work for had a massive drive for our devs to apply for patents last year. We registered more patents last year than in the previous 10!

        • the_prof

          On the contrary – I think these companies are abusing the patent system, and as-per-usual, it is only benefiting the ‘closed’ companies – such as Apple and Microsoft.  Regardless of the supposed infringements, this activity is doing little to advance the smartphone market, and often quite the opposite. 

          Because of this, Google and other major manufacturers such as HTC, LG and Samsung now pay a licence fee for every Android device sold (currently amounting to approx. $15 per unit). 

          This raises the costs for the consumer, and means that even if you want to follow the Open Source route, you’re still lining the pockets of the likes of Microsoft and Apple. 

          Despite the fact Microsoft have almost nothing innovative in the mobile device market for circa 10 years, they have the financial power to play this anti-competitive game. 

          When you buy a Windows Phone based device, you’re paying around $50 for the software licence alone, which due to the way Microsoft and Apple have recently teamed-up, means MS do not pay any patent infringement fees to Microsoft, despite their OS being even more similar in feel to iOS than Android. 

          Something stinks, and I think you have to look at the two biggest software companies in the world to find where the smell’s coming from. 

          • Dev

            Google Android is not open source. It is a closed system and post Ice-cream Sandwich has become even more so.

          • the_prof

            How do you come to this conclusion?  Google release the source code, and one can compile it from Source.  Ice Cream Sandwich will have its source released when it starts appearing on devices, so how is that not Open Source? 

            Ok, so there are a few caveats, but essentially, I could build a device for the Android Platform and compile Android for it without having to do a great deal of OS development.  I think that would count as Open Source in most people’s book.  Google is out there to make a profit like any other company, but at least they outwardly try to do positive things, as opposed to the negative way the other main companies seem to do it. 

  • Nyan9001

    cool phone, but am i the only one who sees that the home, back and search buttons are too close to the screen?