Something for Halloween…

Got 5 minutes? Bored? If you’re looking to find an Easter Egg in your Android 2.3.xx handset just try this..

Settings->About Phone

Now keep tapping “Android Version” and this appears…

Something for Halloween...

We’ll now sit back and await the flames from everyone who found this little extra many moons ago.. ;) We thought it worth mentioning with Halloween just around the corner. :)

Link – ZombieArt (Twitter)

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  • Jporch316

    not on my htc chahcha leigh – is it april fools day again?

  • anon

    rubbish!!!! – dont work on HTC DesireS!!!

  • Mark Adams

    Not on HTC desire HD either

  • Daniel walker

    works on my G S2. but pointless

  • Hugh

    Also accessible on my SGS2