iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S2 – FIIIIGHT!

Ok, so the iPhone 4S has been out since Friday and much has been covered on lots of different sites about Siri, the various speed improvements etc..

However, whilst all these things are great, the thing I use most on my phone is the camera.  I wanted to see the difference (if any) between my Samsung Galaxy S2 and the iPhone 4S… so I took a few comparison pictures and a video.

Now, I didn’t have long with the 4S, so I only managed to take a few pictures in pretty ideal conditions (sunny, but not too sunny in the middle of the day) but I have to say I think the 4S just takes it..

See what you think of the pictures and video and let us know in comments…

The original, untouched files can be found here:  Untouched Images along with another example..

The videos  can be found here:

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZ9ngfktHSw ‘]

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvXzFyyIq_E ‘]


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  • iPhone Fan

    I wouldn’t say there’s a lot in it when looking at the pictures although the iPhone pics looks more vibrant. The iPhone video looks obviously better than the S2 though – really clear and sharp. It’s great that manufacturers are driving each others standards up – long may it continue!

    • the iPhone produces *slightly* better video and better images IMO. Some of this stuff is personal preference, but for me it looks better. YouTube has broken both videos slightly in terms of quality, particularly frame rate. When I have a minute I’ll upload both the original videos to mediafire…

      • Raygun

        I would not say the images are better, they are oversaturated imo. 

        The problem with comparing videos or pictures is that everyone picks the brighter more saturated picture. The only way to compare is to take pic A, look at it in a controled environment, take notes then have someone switch pics out to pic B or C in the same environment, then take notes etc etc..

        I professionally calibrated projectors for years. Often the ‘bad’ calibration is what people picked in side by side comparisons..but in a controlled environment where you could turn one on then the other, they mostly picked the calibrated machine. 

  • fab

    you clearly have no clue about photos and videos. those are the worst examples ever, i can’t talk about the iphone 4S but video and especially the photo of the SGS2 looks rather like a htc wildfire picture… have a look at other sites and learn about picture comparison, not just a totally messed up 1 picture shoot-out..big fail

    • I literally had about 10 minutes to take these, as you’d have realised if you’d read the article properly.. if I had more time I would have taken many more in different conditions.

      Also, it’s the first GS2 vs iPhone 4S comparison I’ve seen…

  • eight

    How did you manage to take two identical video’s with two different phones?? FAIL!

    • By taking the videos at the same time with two different phones, one in each hand. Not very difficult to figure out really!

      • eight

        the vids are identical, maybe two in one very big hand but definitely not one in each hand! FAIL!! 

        • Raygun

          the videos are not IDENTICAL…any idiot should be able to see that. Pay closer attention mr. Ipaynoattentiontodetails

  • Johnny

    i have the gs2 and my wife has the iphone 4s.  in my opinion the photos are 6 for one and half a dozen for the other.  but the iphone on 1080p has some horrible wobble in it that i dont experience anywhere near as bad on the gs2.  you dont notice it when you are shooting, but ive seen it on nearly all vids posted on youtube so i think its a 4s specific problem. and in terms of crispness – on our 64″ telly, there’s something aboug the gs2 that is slightly ahead – it looks full HD.  the iphone 4s looks to have some image processing that makes the image slightly softer, even with raw files.  the iphone is faster at taking pics though.  but seriously – these arent for serrious photo taking, for quick night out snaps that extra half a second doesnt really matter does it?.  in low light they are both equally as bad – no where near as good as our $200 budget snapper even.

    • iPhone Fan

      How do you get the RAW files off an iPhone then? As far as I was aware the pictures are processed and saved as JPEG and there is no option for RAW. In terms of wobble, I haven’t noticed it myself, and the gyroscope image stabiliser should stop this. I haven’t got as big a TV as you but the video from my 4S looks very crisp and clear.

      • Anonymous

        By RAW files he means RAW files as in he didn’t pass them through an editing application. He didn’t mean literally RAW files like you’d get from a DSLR or very high end point and shoot camera.

    • slash


  • Damiencal

    why do you idiots put “fail” at the end of every sentence ,it’s almost as annoying as the “First!!” fools

  • Cks_999

    if the picture is taken at almost same time with different of 1 minute, it is acceptable. Btw, I can see the GS2 picture has higher contrast compare to IP4s. The IP4s color is sharper and the GS2 is less.

  • ultima.weapon

    holy cow the iphone just KILLED the gs2 in video quality. gs2 was shaky, laggy, and blurry

  • gtr2011-11

    iPhone sucks. So I said the Galaxy S II wins.

  • God

    That’s a ridiculous assertion and shallow conclusion … understand screen resolutions better. A typical human eye can deal resolve around 300 dpi (dots per inch) at best when reading something handheld. That’s why top magazines like National Geographics and glossy fashion magazines require photographers to submit 300dpi photos especially for the centrefold.

    For electronic displays (LCDs, OLEDs IPS LCDs etc.), similar size full spread photo from a light emitting source need only be 72 to 96 dpi (web resolution) – that’s due to the larger pixels and the higher luminance (brightness of each dot).

    To put things in perspective, even HD compatible LCD TVs are only 720p across. The Samsung Galaxy S II has 800p squeezed in! More than the eye can handle.

    The Retina Display’s high resolution is an unnecessary over-specification which is not even perceptible to the average human eye. Like selling refrigerators to Eskimos. U need dumb Eskimos to buy it. I really hope manufacturers do not go down this pointless resolution war. It raises cost and consumes more CPU/battery power. That’s why even with the puny 3.5 inch screen, the benchmarking scores of the iCrap 4 is so low. That’s why it cannot multi-task, cannot run flash etc… Else Apple knows its performance will be unacceptable. Even the lowest end Android can do all the above.

    Its the same reason why camera manufacturers have come to realise that its pointless to keep raising stakes in the mega-pixels war when other things like contrast/exposure latitude/dynamic range/noise are far more important in image quality than just bean counting.

    A 4.3 inch screen is about a quarter larger (23%) larger than a 3.5 inch screen. It means u do not have to hold a phone so close to your eyes. That translates to a much better viewing experience and less eye fatigue! That’s why I still go to a cinema when my big plasma screen at home gives a similar perspective!

    P.S. IPS wasn’t even invented/created by Apple, they just gave it a Retina brand and locked LG in with a big procurement contract.

    • Ilovegod

      it’s god!i love you!!

      • Ilovegodtoo

        perfect grammar, understandable assertion….

    • Errrrr.no

      Your just talking shit, the iPhone can properly multitask with the new A5 processor, proven by jailbreaking and using actual multitasking, not Apple’s ‘multi-tasking’

      • Bengalsolja

        lool ur some dumbass how can the iphone multitask better than s2 when s2 has a faster processor and more ram? u must be one of them stupid people who think iphones are thee best phones in the world

  • scuffer

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  • scuffer

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  • Anonymous

    One thing needs to be kept in mind when comparing Apple’s camera with Samsung’s. Apple has built-in post processing in their camera software, so the photos the phone produces are basically Auto-Enhanced.
    Putting the Skyrocket’s pictures in a software like Snapfish and doing Auto-Enhance pretty much equalizes things. I think HTC camera phones like the Vivid, Rezound, and One X also have an Auto Enhance option, but Samsung phones do not. Snapfish really does wonders for the pictures on the Skyrocket, putting them on par or better just with the auto-fix option (fixes the exposure and saturation/white balance pretty decently to almost perfectly every time). It is better than that than free desktop Software like Windows Photo Gallery, which seems a bit better than Picasa (never used iPhoto, can’t vouch for it).
    I tend to think comparing RAW camera output is a bit disingenuous when the proper mobile app to equalize the field is available for the Android device, and free – mind you.