For those of you waiting for iOS 5, from past experience Apple will most likely wait till the usual release times. Since I have been a Fanboy, updates for iOS devices have come at specific times;

6PM GMT etc…

I am hoping not to wait so long but another 10 hours waiting for something that was announced back in June isn’t going to be that hard, I hope.

Have you got your device backed up ready for the update?

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  • Bellysk8er2005

    boo i want now

  • Yep, I backed up my device and also ensured I was running 4.3.5 as last time I missed an update it took even longer to download because it had to download a bigger file.

    Looking forward to the update. Roll on 6pm!

    Apples servers are going to get a hammering! As usual! Will be a 2 hour wait I should think so I will probably update later in the evening.

  • ItemSize

    I’m not backing mine up.  I’ll just wait till ICS is available on xda and get it there.  Oh…. i*O*S.

    • Guest

      It’s a shame you can’t get it through official channels like my iPhone 3GS which is over 2 years old. I really wish I’d brought that android phone which wouldn’t be supported now…