Play Android apps on your desktop PC

Play Android apps on your desktop PC

Want to run Android apps on your PC ? Grab Bluestacks. It’s a free app which is now available to download and seems to run the majority of Android apps we’ve thrown at it.

The app runs on Windows and there’s a Pro version in the works which will let you run those more CPU / graphic-intensive apps and games like Angry Birds and Cut The Rope.

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Credit – Looeee

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  • Glenngoo

    Good idea.  Was going to download it but it then asked me for my Facebook login and password.
    Too much to give away i thinks

  • Been waiting for this for ages – its excellent…. BTW FB ID allows you to access the apps and sync you mobile apps to it. In other words buy some thing on the market and you can use it on this on your desktop. So far I’ve thrown a bit at it and all is well.

  • Flappy

    Hi got Sensation update on Orange UK a few hrs ago and its not got many new features but the screen is better, sound, battary, wi-fi, games, internet, speed and camera (1080p playback now) along with colors are all a big improvement so its been worth the wait! Anybody got it and know more?