Cyanogenmod 7.1 is out.

This morning the Cyanogenmod team have announced that 7.1 is now the new stable release. I know a lot of you will have been running this via the nightly route and your wondering what the fuss is about. Well this release includes official stable support for most of the recent Xperia devices from Sony Ericsson, even as far back as the X8. There are a whole load of new devices now officially supported as well including the Samsung Galaxy S2, LG Optimus, HTC Desire S and the HTC Incredible S. Some devices are not in the list though, most notably the HP TouchPad and the HTC Sensation. This latest version takes users to Android 2.3.7.

Some people prefer not to use unofficial or nightly roms for fear of bricking their phones. I know I used to only run the stable releases because there are so many threads all over the place about themed roms, nightly roms and things that people have “borrowed” and made slight changes to and called their own. I never felt comfortable with these.

They have also announced that work on Cyanogenmod 9 will soon start. I’m guessing that 8 was missed because of Honeycombs closed source nature.

Lately I have felt that Cyanogenmod is a little behind other roms in features. I know that this is the point, but when you install a recent Miui rom or one of the Sense 3.5 roms you are pretty much blown away with features and things to play with. As to what they come up with for the next release I will be eagerly awaiting.

 More info can be found on their blog here