iPhone 4S pricing round up

iPhone 4S pricing round up

Want to pre-order an iPhone 4S?

Want to compare the deals?

To help you, we have done a quick comparison of the 3 new devices (storage wise) and compared the popular 24 month, £35 a month price bracket, across the networks.

Plan Details

Cost per Month£37 £36 £35.75 £35 £36
Minutes 600 6006002,000600
Texts unlimited3,000unlimited5,000unlimited
Data 500mb500mb500mbunlimited500mb


Upfront cost

16gb£99.99 £99.99£99.99£99£159
64gb £269.99£269.99£269.99£279£319
Cyanogenmod 7.1 is out.
Google Books now available in the UK
  • Guest

    Vodafone are giving £59 off the handset – think it’s only if you pre order it today though.

  • Tt

    i am confused as to why you think 24 months is a popular tariff in the uk.

    • Most people I know are on 24 month contracts due to the iPhone costing so much up front. 18 month used to be the way to go, but I think alot of people are just of the mind that they will be on the same tariff so may as well sign up for a few extra months.

      Was saying on another post on here, the good ol 12 month contract is the way to go. A new phone every year! Used to love that!