Test out your data usage with Vodafone

Vodafone have changed the way that they charge for data. They’ve introduced a new “Data Test Drive” which let you buy a smartphone and use the web as much as you want for the first 3 months of your contract. During these first few months there’ll be no additional charges for data usage and Vodafone will then send you a text at the end to let you know how things have gone and will recommend a different plan depending on your usage.

This, in our rather coffee’d-up heads, seems like a rather good idea. The brutal truth is that most people are on the wrong talk plan – they’ve either got oodles of minutes / texts or data that they never use or simply not enough and go “out of bundle” each month.

It’s also kinda tricky, especially at the point of purchase, to determine how much data you’re going to need, so this is a good step forward in our book.

Link – Vodafone Test Drive
Credit – Trucker John