Motorola DEFY – Not quite so lifeproof ?

Motorola DEFY   Not quite so lifeproof ?Ahh bugger. Some pretty negative PR for Motorola today. The BBC Watchdog show has received a number of complaints from owners of the Motorola DEFY. They, like us, saw the adverts showing the handset surviving a pretty considerable drop onto a dance floor. However, in some cases the “life proof” phone hasn’t lived up to those promises.

In our review we were pretty impressed, it survived a running tap and more, but Motorola appear to be charging for repairs after owners accidentally dropped the phone. Their customer service reps are stating that the phone actually isn’t “crack resistant or unreakable”.

What are your opinions ? Personally we’d always recommend either a sturdy case or at least some phone insurance..

Link – BBC Watchdog Report

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  • Aran Isom

    People having too high expectations I think. I had my Defy for 6 months before I lost it whilst out partying in Camden. I never used a case or cover and dropped it from standing height twice with no real damage or scuff marks. But lets be sensible, it’s not bullet proof or anything, it’s hust a togher than average smartphone. Still easy to break if you actually try…

  • Younggrant3

    must agree with aran had my defy for six months now,in which time ive dropped twice with no damage a guy work with is on hes forth iphone, its had a bath thanks to my i work in a very dusty workplace and colleges have shown a bb torch and htc with dust under the screen.i agree the advert is miss leading but still fantastic phone but nothings indestructable

  • I have to agree with Younggrant3 and Aran Isom on this one. When the iPhone 4 came out and everyone was going on about the glass screens and how much better they are. On apples site they say the screens are “Engineered Glass – All the breakthrough technology in iPhone 4 is situated between
    two glossy panels of aluminosilicate glass — the same type of glass used
    in the windscreens of helicopters and high-speed trains. Chemically
    strengthened to be 20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic,
    the glass is ultra-durable and more scratch resistant than ever”

    Where I cannot doubt the screen is glass, I wouldn’t ever drop it and expect the screen to be ok, that’s why I always purchase a case with my device and a screen protector is always stuck on to help protect it from scratches.

    The amount of people who complained their iPhones screens had smashed and the glass wasn’t very tough etc etc. At the end of the day, its glass, it’s gonna smash! Apple used to go on about this as though it was a feature but now you have to click around the site before you can actually find the above mentioned – here “”

  • JChurches

    The Motorola defy is rubbish.  My daughter has had hers for under a year and this is the 3rd time it has needed repair.  The first was a software problem, repaired under the manufacturer’s warranty.  The second, the screen cracked – and it hadn’t even been dropped!  This wasn’t covered under the warranty, apparently (why, since it’s apparently virtually indestructable?!), but they agreed to repair it for free because I had bought it due to their advertisement, which I now consider false advertising.  Now, with just a week left on the warranty, the phone is not working again.  Thinking it was another software problem, it was sent off for repair, only to come back with the note that there was ‘moisture damage’ inside it and this is, apparently, also not covered under the warranty.  All my daughter did was use it, as a telephone, while it was raining!!!  Considering this device comes with an IP67 certificate which means it can supposedly be submerged in 1 metre deep water for up to 10 minutes without damage, I think this is pretty poor!!!  Currently waiting for a reply from Motorola as I would like the phone repaired for free again or replaced.  Beware – this phone DOES NOT do what it is advertised to do, and even worse, when it doesn’t, it’s not even covered under the manufacturer’s warranty!!!