Samsung Omnia W Announced

Samsung have announced a brand new Windows Phone device running Mango under the name of the Omnia W, the upgrade to the Omnia 7 which was a launch device nearly a year ago.

Samsung Omnia W Announced

Packing some decent specifications which include

  • Windows Phone Mango OS
  • 3.7 Inch Screen
  • 1.4 Ghz Processor
  • HSPA 14.4mb/s Download
  • HSPA 5.76mb/s Upload
  • 5 Megapixel Camera & Front Facing VGA (Video Calls)
  • 512MB RAM
  • 8GB Internal Memory
The Omnia 7 is expected to go on sale during October this year around the world.
Here is the full press release from Samsung with more details……

Samsung delivers a unique smartphone experience with Omnia W, a unique phone that puts people first

First Samsung device utilizing the latest release of Windows Phone offers power, social connectivity and stunning visual experience with vivid Super AMOLED display

SEOUL, Korea – September 26, 2011 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a leading mobile phone provider, today announced the launch of the Samsung Omnia W, its first Smartphone based on the latest release of Microsoft’s Windows Phone, code-named Mango. . Featuring an elegant design, a vivid Super AMOLED display as well as an enriched content and social communication experience enabled by People Hub, the Omnia W is a different kind of phone that puts people at the center of everything.

“We are excited about the potential for Windows Phone and the possibilities it opens for Samsung customers. Mobile consumers increasingly expect to be socially networked through their phones anytime, anywhere, and instantly. They are looking for high-performance devices that are easy and intuitive to use, look great, and enable them to create and share rich multimedia content with ease. The Samsung Omnia W delivers on every count,” said JK Shin, President and Head of Samsung’s Mobile Communications business.

Stunning Performance in Vivid Clarity with SuperAMOLED Display

The eye-catching Omnia W sports a minimalist contemporary design featuring a metallic finish. A rich 3.7” SuperAMOLED display provides stunning visuals ensuring that photos and videos captured with the device’s 5MP camera can be enjoyed with vivid clarity.

A powerful 1.4GHz processor delivers seamless performance, allowing a fast and hassle-free user experience. This is further enhanced by the device’s integrated 14.4Mbps HSPA connectivity, enabling high-speed data browsing and ensuring that videos and pictures can be instantly shared with friends and family hassle-free.

Enhanced Windows Phone Usability

Windows Phone has been developed to provide an easy, intelligent and socially connected smartphone experience. Users can easily connect and share experiences with their friends using a variety of communication mediums, while a superior Web browsing experience is further enhanced with the integration Internet Explorer9 and Bing.

Mango’s unique and intuitive user interface lays out applications in mosaic ‘Live Tiles’ which flow and move on the screen in response to the users touch. The interface provides the benefits of a user environment usually associated with a larger display within the portability of a smartphone screen, delivering a flexible and intuitive experience

The six specialized Microsoft applications provide an engaging content and communication experience. The Windows Phone People hub is integrated with social networking services built-in Windows Live, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, ensuring that users always stay in touch with their social community.

Office Hub provides enhanced productivity on-the-go and includes access to Windows Live Sky Drive, which provides 25GB of free storage and allows documents and media files to be easily stored and accessed anywhere. Users can also create and edit documents through mobile versions of Microsoft Office Excel, Word and PowerPoint, as well as utilize One Note, a note-taking platform allowing the easy sharing and storage of voice memos, images and text-based notes

Seamless access to entertainment is afforded by the integration of a Picture Hub, Music & Video Hub – powered by Microsoft Zune – and Game Hub, which provides the latest in social gaming experiences through Xbox live, meaning that friends can chat with each other while gaming. Windows Phone Marketplace provides access to over 30,000 apps to meet customer needs across entertainment or productivity.

The Exclusive Samsung Experience

The overall Windows Phone experience is significantly enhanced with the inclusion of a set of Samsung-exclusive productivity apps. This includes Samsung AllShare, which provides seamless content transfer between the smartphone and other DLNA-enabled devices such as HDTV’s, monitors and digital cameras. Video Call is an easy-to-use app which allows ultra-fast vivid 3G video conversations with friends and family. Additionally, Mini Diary enables users to capture their experiences in multimedia formats and create their very own personalized digital journal while on the go. Meanwhile, an upgraded Samsung eBook client is available from Samsung Zone

Users can stay up-to-date with the latest news and events through the Now 2.0 app, which provides up-to-the minute current affairs, stock market and weather information on the go. RSS Time allows RSS feeds for newspapers, magazines and blogs to be downloaded onto the device and read in an easily digestible format, while eye-catching articles can instantly be shared via email or Facebook.

The device features enhanced social network integration, with Twitter and LinkedIn weaved throughout the Omnia W in addition to Facebook. This means that photos and videos can be instantly shared across a variety of social networking sites hassle-free.

The Omnia W will be commercially available starting in Italy from end-October and gradually rolled to globally including Europe, CIS, Latin America, Africa, South East and South West Asia.

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  • Only 8GB of memory?!?  That’s pathetic.  How do they expect people to use this as their primary portable music player (as well as everything else smartphones do) with such a small amount of memory?  My music collection is approaching 10GB and I wouldn’t even say it is particularly big.  This is one thing Apple have got right and Microsoft have not.  You can’t get an iPhone 4 with less than 16GB.  With Windows Phone you struggle to find one with more than 8GB.  At least with most Android phones you can stick in a micro-SD card to beef it up to whatever size you need.

    • Mitch

      I totally agree. I was seriously considering getting one of these phones until I saw the memory size. It’s especially important when there’s no way to expand with SD cards. Sticking to 8GB will probably save Samsung a few dollars on manufacturing but will lose loads of sales. I’m also fed up with hearing about the 25GB of Skydrive available to WP7. It’s no good when you’re abroad or not near a WiFi point! Give us more internal storage!!!

      • be quiet troll you dont even know wp 7.5 is best OS and using Cloud you can use your phone provider connection moron and not use wifi.

    • Code Chief

      Hey Brendan I’m surprised you said “With Windows Phone you struggle to find one with more than 8GB”.They are all 16GB nowadays, which is why this model is really disappointing at 8GB. The Omnia 7 had the 16GB memory chips soldered directly to the board, so why 8GB on the “upgraded” Omnia W is something only Samsung designers know. The only explanation I can think of could be they needed to drop some chips to make space for the other devices which are not on the Omnia 7 board, i.e. digital compass, front facing camera, upgraded camera megapixels and processor. I have an Omnia 7 and if it wasn’t for the despicable act of Samsung to not support internet sharing or AllShare after the Mango update (even though the device is clearly capable of it) I would not need a new version. The question is, if this phone is really another version of the “Focus” (not S) then it SHOULD have a concealed microSD card slot we can upgrade (with a fast enough card, after a reset losing data and the ability to use it in any other device afterwards, yeah ignore the warnings, who cares if it works)? Then the 8GB would be no problem, because  this device is dirt cheap but has the front facing camera, then we could just upgrade to 32GB and have a very cheap and arguably better iPhone and half the price of a HTC Titan upgraded to 32GB. But I fail to find any concrete evidence that this W model is NOT a Focus and has NO memory slot like the Dell Venu Pro. Anyone found a disassembly blog/photos?

  • bod

    No removable memory no deal oh there’s skydrive why the hell do we want memory when we can sync with cloud. mark my words once apple has everyone hooked into icloud there will be no more 32gig iphone

  • Apart from a slightly snappier CPU this doesnt really seem like much of an upgrade IMHO. Optimus 7 isnt far off this spec and thats a year old soon, oh and it has 16GB of bult in memory…….

  • Windows phone 7.5 Mango is best OS and very stable compare to crappy iphone 4 or battery eater lagging Android phones.