Android Market 3.1.5 Available

Android Market 3.1.5 AvailableWe took a look at the revamped Android Market recently but there’s quite a few of you who aren’t able to upgrade to it just yet. If you’re prepared to take a chance, xda-developers have an even newer version – 3.1.5. This is apparently quicker than the 3.1.3 version we looked at just the other day.

We’ve just given it a bash and it does indeed seem speedier than the earlier version.

Update – Looks like the download link is a bit broken, so try this.

Link – xda-developers (Thanks Francis)

Android Market 3.1.5 Available

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  • Anonymous

    I’m still on 2.3.6. When are they going to push this out for the Desire (Stock Froyo)? I’ve tried turning the phone off and on again.

    Thanks for the link. I’ll have to use that.