Hardware Review – Android Bluetooth Soundbox with Hands-Free

I should start this review by saying I’m not a big fan of Bluetooth speakers. They usually sound awful and it’s usually more practical to carry round something larger rather than sacrifice sound quality.

I was pleasently surprised with this one though. The sonic performance of this green little fella is not to be sniffed at. Sure, you’re going to get better quality out of a £150 dock system, but for the odd trip to the beach, meal out in the garden, etc this is perfectly adequate.

Hardware Review   Android Bluetooth Soundbox with Hands Free
Comparison for size. *hic*

Once charged, pairing your phone (in my case the Samsung Galaxy S2) was incredibly easy, and the Android’s ‘mouth’ glows blue to let you know it’s paired.

Placing calls is handled very well, sound quality is OK, but with most speaker phones there is a slight echo effect.

Hardware Review   Android Bluetooth Soundbox with Hands Free
Next to my Galaxy S2

If you’re familiar with bluetooth headsets / speakers of any sort it’s all fairly familiar. Once paired, playing music automatically streams through the Soundbox (the speaker is located at the bottom, so the included stand keeps the speaker from getting muffled). Turning the Android’s head from left to right turns the volume down and up respectively.

I haven’t really used the device for long enough to comment on the battery life, but so far I’ve played music for over an hour, and I haven’t even charged it yet. The manual quotes up to 3 hours music playback for a 2 hour charge. Charging is taken care of via a USB lead (and yes, it is possible to leave it plugged in whilst playing back music).

All in all, I’m very impressed with this little Robot, definitely good value for money.. oh, and it works with iPhones too!

The Android Bluetooth Soundbox is available now from MobileFun for £19-95, the also have a range of other mobile phone speakers