Windows Phone – Sales not going well..

Windows Phone   Sales not going well..Just how many Windows Phone 7 devices are selling ? How well is Windows Phone doing ? We’ve been trying to find out for quite some time but… it’s all a bit of a mystery.

With the new OS rapidly reaching its’ first birthday, Steve Ballmer from Microsoft has finally admitted that…

We haven’t sold quite as many as I would have liked in the first year.

No ? Really ?

The eggs appear to be balancing precariously in a basket named “Nokia”…

With Nokia we have a dedicated hardware partner that is all-in on Windows Phones. They are not doing something on Android or [any other operating system].

Was that a critical swipe at other manufacturers ? Let’s hope that they don’t take things to heart. The next version of Windows Phone (Mango) should be hitting the streets … sometime soon.

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  • Rumpleforeskin

    hahaha….duh. i’ve been saying that windows would be a flop again!

  • Mr T.

    Microsoft were in the smartphone market waayyyy before anyone else… what happened? They got cocky and complecent and now they’re waayyyy behind everyone else! Too little, too late!

  • Proximal

    I have already decided to give this os a try…..the linear design and slick interface look excellent and are markedly different from anything else on offer. However Microsoft need to come up with some premium handsets …….otherwise the whole thing will collapse …. the offerings from HTC are rather underwhelming and i`m not sure if Nokia will be able to shrug off that odd kind of styling that was ok in the early 90s but wont cut it today…….

  • Anonymous

    To summarize: Nokia is manufacturing the Kin-2… ;)

  • Rooster

    Hey, I started off with a windows phone in 2003 – the original HTC SPV, way before apple made phones, way before google made operating systems, and if I am honest, it was rubbish. Before that I had Nokias – the best ‘dumb’ phones out there at the time. That was incidentally also when Coolsmartphone popped up, and I found it one of the best of only a very few sites out there to support early smartphone adopters….happy days! :)

    The windows powered SPV might have been rubbish, but that is when the phone started to become ‘smarter’ – I wouldn’t rush to write off WP7 yet. I think that with the launch of Windows 8, with the metro interface so familiar to WP7 users, consumers will begin to feel more comfortable adopting a shiny new Nokia with WP8 on it. MS are in it for the long run, just look how long it took OSX to become the darling it is today. 

    What apple have right is the unified look and feel across desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. MS have never had that right, with each feeling like a separate entity. This will change. What I think MS urgently need to do is get some killer (or rather essential) apps out there – e.g. spotify & Tom Tom…..where the hell are they?? Come on MS, throw a few subsidies in the pot to get them going.

    • …and Apple sue Microsoft for having a “Unified look across multiple devices”. as they thought of it first and consumers (us) may confuse WP7/8 with IOS…? :)

      • ninemil

        If only you were joking…

      • Rooster

        LMAOL Andy :)

  • Windows Phone was released with a handful of devices in late 2010.  Since then nothing.  And in the last six months all you hear about is Mango.  So who would buy a handset that is already way outdated with the promise of much better to come with Mango?

    • Guest

      The existing handsets are NOT outdated. They will get the Mango update.

  • Guest

    I would love to get a WP7 device. However, I DIDN’T at last upgrade (instead going from WM6 to Android) because there was simply not enough handset choice, and the required specs or with competitive deals. No SD means we should be seeing handsets with 32GB, or even 64GBN on board.

  • Liam

    I think Windows Phone will start to gain traction once Mango comes out along with Windows 8.

    Android was slow to get the sales of the iPhone and they only achieved that by offering budget phones which offered a “taste” of the OS. The same happened with Palm and HP when they sold off Touchpads at £80.

    Microsoft have no trouble selling Windows, but they maybe best off throwing in a voucher for a last gen Windows Phone for say… £50 on PAYG when you buy a tablet PC from the likes of Samsung, LG etc. There must be a few hundred thousand unsold Windows Phones laying about in warehouses.

    Microsoft can afford to take the hit and it will boost sales of Windows

  • just got a omnia 7 to replace mt iphone 4…..i like the handset…can’t wait for mango