Review: Happy Owl Studios ‘The Wallet’ case for iPad

I’ve been looking for a case for my iPad to replace the standard Apple one for best part of a year now. I wanted something that would let me carry more than just my iPad so I didn’t have to juggle phones and wallets whilst showing off my latest ‘did-I-really-need-it’ piece of tech around the office.

As a frequent traveler, having a single item that I could carry all my bits and bobs in appealed and I certainly don’t feel brave enough to go ‘metrosexual’ with a modern man-bag.

I stumbled across the Happy Owl Studios ‘The Wallet’ case on my quest and soon found that it ticked all the boxes that I was wanting from a case. It has loads of storage space, is made from good quality leather, looks good for the executive touch around the office and didn’t break the bank either!

The Wallet can be folded for a movie watching, upright standing mode and a nice comfortable typing position too. The main compartment is nicely separated from the iPad section with a zip so you don’t have to risk dropping your boarding pass whilst going for the 3 stars on Angry birds 4-7 and the screen is fully protected from scratches by a nice, soft microfibre lining.

The only criticism I have was I felt the chrome Happy Owl Studio logo on the fastener did feel a bit plasticky and cheap but other than that, the case overall is first class. Yes it’s over an inch thick but then this case is designed to be able to swallow all your ‘man-crap’ with ease!

All this...

...into this!

Happy Owl Studios have other cases available too, have a look here:

I think I’m happy!