Apple sues Samsung in the UK

Apple sues Samsung in the UK
If we’re all brutally honest, this is getting utterly boring and annoying. Apple has now sued Samsung right here in the UK. This is a countersuit after Samsung filed a suit against Apple in June.

ZDNet states…

Apple says Samsung’s Android smartphones and tablets infringe on Apple patents, while Samsung says Apple’s products, such as the iPhone, infringe on Samsung’s patents.

Link – ZDNet

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  • MrRoo


  • Mr T.

    Typical Apple… the iPhone is being out-sold 3-1 by Android devices, so what do they do? Make a device which leaves all others standing in the wake? No… hey sue, sue, sue… BORING! Stop whinging Apple and start innovating!!

  • Anon


  • Jared Dore

    I understand the principle of intellectual rights etc. and what is behind what they are doing but this really is getting stupid, I stopped having apple products 3 yrs ago because of this approach they are taking. Apple get a life! please, they genuinely have good products but not every one want to be assimilated in to a Apple clone, I relish the flexibility and options that Android gives, I even like the way Win phone 7 is going but I would imagine that most consumers except perhaps apple clones are very fed up of the approach Apple are taking, Come on Apple give it a rest!!!!!

  • I totally agree with Mr Gears and everyone else…I might be tempted by Apple devices, but this attitude is turning me off. The only people who really suffer are the consumers!