Three Launch HSPA+ MiFi

Three have just launched their new MiFi device here in the UK with the biggest upgrade being access to the new high speed HSPA+ network which supports speeds of up to 21mb/s and gives you 40% faster speeds than the older device.

It also comes with a nice charging cradle in the box which lets you sit the MiFi in the room with the best signal and let it charge, it can be seen as a home broadband replacement with contract options giving you allowances up to 15GB for a month.

Check out the video from Three below to see for yourself

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We are expecting to get hands on this new MiFi in the next few days to test for ourselves, considering this is a mobile version of the Premium Dongle we know the speeds which can be reached if you have HSPA+ as during a trip to London I found one of the test sites and recorded a video (this was with the Premium HSPA+ Dongle)

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Link: Three Blog