App Review – ParcelGenie

OK, this one is for you busy people.
The idea behind ParcelGenie is sending a gift to any recipient in your phone via the ParcelGenie app (there are other ways too, including Facebook). You don’t need to know the recipient’s postal address, just their phone number or email address.
Once you’ve decided who the lucky recipient is, you simply select your gift (these vary in price from 99p to just short of a tenner.) You can then select the recipient, add a custom message and pay for the gift.Payment is made using a premium SMS text message, via Paypal or Credit/Debit card.

It’s worth noting that the premium SMS messages payments are more expensive, so Paypal or a card usually works out slightly cheaper. The ‘I Love You’ chocolates pictured below were £2-50 via premium SMS or £1-79 via Paypal/card.

Once the process is completed the recipient receives two text messages, once from the sender with the message typed earlier, and one from ParcelGenie asking for a name and address to ship the gift.

I can see a few great uses for this type of gifting, and it’s really a quick and easy way to cheer someone up, wish them luck or even say sorry!

The gift I ordered took two days to arrive, was well packaged and considering the whole process came to the princely sum of £1-79, I think that’s pretty good value too.

The ParcelGenie app is available for the Windows Phone 7, iPhone, Android and Blackberry platforms. It’s also available via Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn.

The delivered gift