HTC Sensation Android 2.3.4 update available.

HTC Sensation Android 2.3.4 update available.

According to reports, if you are the owner of an unbranded HTC Sensation you should be able to get an update to Android 2.3.4.  

To check if it is available you need to tap menu>settings>about phone>system software updates and lastly tap check now. You may want to do this whilst connect to a wifi network as these updates are normally fairly large. You may also want to do a backup of any text messages or similar just incase the update decides to wipe all trace of you from your phone.

This update is meant to bring stability and performance as well as Android 2.3.4. As usual there is no official mention of this on the HTC support site. So if you have an unbranded device let us know if you have had this update and what differences you have noticed.

Source – Jared Dore

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  • Neil R

    My Vodafone branded Sensation received this update a couple of weeks ago. Haven’t really noticed any change.

  • Andymoss

    Had it for a couple of days. Noticed no difference.

  • No updates yet for my O2 branded handset.

  • Jared

    battery life is supposed to be improved, sense is definitely smoother on my phone and talk have video chat option now plus if you go back to check for updates you get an update for “make more space” app.
    I understand that Vodafone got updated first as per agreement with HTC on the sensation launch, not sure about other networks but mine is unbranded. 

  • Mr T.

    The ‘Make more space’ app has always been there (at least on my device it has – unbranded)… Settings / SD & phone storage / Make more space. I don’t see any difference at all. Having said that, it’s not even a ‘point’ update, it’s a point of a point, so what is everyone expecting?!!

  • naughtybudgie

    s’pose to have a cool screen shot capture… off/on button quickly then the home button…  can anyone confirm this?

    • Mr T.

      Press the ‘power’ button and ‘home’ button simultaneously for screenshot!

      • Mr T.

        … correction – you press and hold the power button and immediately press the home button before the power menu pops up ;)

  • Anonymous

    Got it yesterday & the app thingy too.  No obvious improvements as yet but I imagine the changes are subtle.
    A diffinitive list of EXACTLY what it brings would be useful though (big hint there coolsmartphone!!!)

  • Anonymous

    Any idea when will it be available in India.

  • Tony

    My htc sensation is up to date  with android 2.3.4 Iam having a bit of a problem at time my phone dont ring when reciving a call it keep showing me an error and I get a tab to send information to htc