HTC Omega / HTC Radar images and rumoured specs

HTC Omega / HTC Radar images and rumoured specsWe’re quickly getting the impression that the HTC September 1st event will see at least one Windows Phone handset running Mango. Now first images of a device called the HTC Omega, possibly also called the HTC Radar, have appeared online.

OK, rumoured specs mention a 3.8″ SLCD screen, 8 megapixel camera, 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU, 512MB RAM and a front-facing camera too. There’s also news of a second device called the HTC Eternity too.

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  • Ooooh! I’ll be having that as my next phone!

    P.S. Are you going to the HTC event next week?

    • Anonymous

      We’ll be there mate. :)

  • Dan Carter

    Oooooh i like that!!

  • Joleen

    Seems to have all the holes in the same place as my Desire S. Maybe we’ll have a WebOS Desire some day.

  • I like HTC phones a lot better than Samsung.  Samsung’s phone feel incredibly cheap (despite the fact that they have awesome guts); take the Droid Charger for example, its an excellent piece of hardware on paper but then you pick it up and it feels like plastic.

  • Rooster

    Not dual core? Surprising. Well, I dropped my HTC mozart on Monday and shattered the screen :( I got a replacement from orange on Tuesday with a DOA power button, I got a replacement on Wednesday with a flickering screen. Having had it out with orange they admitted they’d been sending me reconditioned units! Brand new unit turning up today, but I wish it was and Omega!